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Earth Systems History: Graduate Studies

Our graduate program is designed for students with undergraduate degrees in many fields of science who are interested in pursuing an understanding of the processes that have shaped and are shaping our Earth's climate and environment. ESH students conduct Ph.D. research within the Dept. of Geological Sciences at Brown, one of the top-ranked programs in the world. Graduate students take courses within and outside the department, and may pursue joint programs with Brown partners, including the Marine Biological Laboratory at Wood's Hole.

Earth Systems History Graduate Courses
GEOL 1110: Estuarine and Coastal Oceanography
GEOL 1120: Paleoceanography
GEOL 1130: Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles
GEOL 1150: Limnology: the study of lakes
GEOL 1330: Global Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOL 1350: Meteorological Aspects of Climatic Change
GEOL 1370: Environmental Geochemistry
GEOL 1380: Environmental Stable Isotopes
GEOL 2300: Mathematical Models in the Geosciences
GEOL 2450: Quaternary Climatology Seminar
GEOL 2910: High-frequency climate variations
GEOL 2920: Introduction to Organic Geochemistry

A full listing of departmental course offerings can be found here.

A description of our department's graduate program can be found here.

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