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Fellows' Seminars 2014-15

Cogut Center Fellows meet on a regular basis to discuss their works-in-progress. Pre-circulated papers are distributed a week ahead of time and then discussed at the seminar.

In 2014-15, Fellows' Seminars, open to Cogut Center Fellows and invited guests only, are held in Pembroke Hall 202.

Fall 2014

September 9
"Raymond Williams, Forms of English Fiction in 1848"
Leela Gandhi
John Hawkes Professor of Humanities and English


Michael Steinberg
Director, Cogut Center for the Humanities

September 16
David Estlund, Faculty Fellow

September 23
"Dance Games and Body Work"
Kiri Miller, Faculty Fellow

September 30
"Latina/o Literature Unbound: A Granular Approach"
Ralph Rodriguez, Faculty Fellow
American Studies

October 7
"The Kantian Basis of Schmittian Politics"
Raef Zreik, Visiting Associate Professor of the Humanities
Carmel College/Haifa and Minerva Center for the Humanities
/Tel Aviv

October 14
"Fertile Ground: Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the US"
Sara Matthiesen, Graduate Fellow
American Studies

October 21
"The Historical Construction of Environmental Inequality in the United States During the 19th and 20th Century and its Role in Triggering an Integrated Crusade for Environmental Protection and Social Justice from 1945-1984"
Vanessa Fabien, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Africana Studies/environmental Studies

October 28
"Deeply Superficial Transgression: Challenging the Defense and Decriminalization of Graffiti 'Art'"
Stefano Block, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Urban Studies

November 4
"Title: TBD"
Karida Brown, Graduate Fellow

November 11
"The Human Right to Dominate"
Nicola Perugini, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Italian Studies/Middle East Studies

November 18
"Black and Balkan: A Comparison of Caribbean, African, African-American and Balkan History, Theory and Art"
Anja Jovic, Graduate Fellow
Comparative Literature

November 25
"Title: TBA"
Lesley Jacobs, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
English/Medieval Studies

December 2
"Title: TBA"
Kenneth Sacks, Faculty Fellow

December 9
"Title: TBA"
Yana Stainova, Graduate Fellow