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Fellows' Seminars 2012-13

Cogut Center Fellows meet on a regular basis to discuss their works-in-progress. Pre-circulated papers are distributed a week ahead of time and then discussed at the seminar.

In 2012-13, Fellows' Seminars, open to Cogut Center Fellows and invited guests only, were held in Pembroke Hall 202.

Fall 2012

September 11
Introductory Seminar
Michael P. Steinberg
Cogut Center for the Humanities

September 18
"Writing the International"
Madhumita Lahiri
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

September 25
"Between the Visual and the Text: Ethiopian Modernity and Modernism; an Alternative Reading"
Elizabeth Giorgis
Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Cogut Center for the Humanities

October 2
"Tropic Spell: Performance in the Queer Asias"
Eng-Beng Lim
Faculty Fellow
Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

October 9
"The (unfinished) Ballad of Adam and Elena Emery"
Jacob Richman
Graduate Fellow

October 16
"Place, Memory, Healing: Towards an Archaeology of Hittite Spring Monuments"
Ömür Harmansah
Faculty Fellow

October 23
"Physiology of Essences: Writing Pain in Polish and Russian Modernism"
Michal Oklot
Faculty Fellow
Slavic Studies

October 30
Guest speaker: Hurricane Sandy

November 6
"The Cartographic Conquest of Palestine"
Linda Quiquivix
Postdoctoral Fellow in Critical Global Humanities
Cogut Center for the Humanities

November 13
"Milton and the Movement-Image: A Natural"
Steven Swarbrick
Graduate Fellow

November 20
"Democracy in Motion"
Gianpaolo Baiocchi
Faculty Fellow

November 27
"Yusef Komunyakaa at the Jazz Workshop"
Jeffrey Neilson
Graduate Fellow

December 4
"The Spanish Woman Playwright: Revolutionary or Rebel"
Alejandra Prieto
Distinguished Visiting Fellow
Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

December 11
"The Medicalization of Maternity in the Jewish Community of Tunisia, 1880-1940"
Richard Parks
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow

Spring 2013

February 5
"Some Reflections on Exile, Homeland, and Purity in the Hebrew Bible"
Andrea Allgood
Graduate Fellow
Religious Studies

February 12
"A Disenchanted Fantastic: The Objects and Worlds of Air Doll and I'm a Cyborg but that's OK"
Michelle Cho
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
East Asian Studies/Modern Culture and Media

February 26
"Introduction: Matters of Taste and Place"
Kevin Goldberg
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
German Studies

March 5
"Russia's Fragmented Welfare State: Access to Health Care in Migrant Moscow and Rural Karelia"
Linda Cook
Faculty Fellow
Political Science

March 12
"Problems, Privatization and Professionalism: Boundary Negotiations by Health Care and Disability NGOs in Croatia"
Ann Dill
Faculty Fellow

March 19
"Jewish Men, Jewish Lawyers: Roth’s Eli, the Fanatic and the Question of Jewish Masculinity in American Law"
Martha Nussbaum
Distinguished Visiting Professor
Philosophy Department, University of Chicago

April 2
"Looking Through the Mirrors: Living like a Slaver in Baroque Madrid"
Felipe Gaitan-Ammann
Postdoctoral Fellow in International Humanities
Anthropology/Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

April 9
"Energy Justice?: Nuclear Renaissance and Environmental Justice on the Colorado Plateau"

Stephanie Malin
Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow
Center for Environmental Studies/Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

April 16
"Coercion and the Conversion of Jews in Late Antique Christian Accounts"
Ross Kraemer
Faculty Fellow
Religious Studies

April 23
"The Stretch of Human Brain": Minding Small Stuff in Eighteenth-Century English Literature and Material Culture"
Melinda Rabb
Faculty Fellow

April 30
"Substitutes: Captivity and Poetic Exchange in Guillaume de Machaut and Jean Regnier"
John Moreau
Graduate Fellow
Comparative Literature/French Studies

"The Demon, the Modern, and the Law"
Nathaniel Berman
Faculty Member
Cogut Center for the Humanities