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Meet the Cogut Center's 2008-09
Visiting Professors in the Humanities

Megan Glick
Visiting Professor in the Humanities, Fall 2008

Megan Glick completed her doctoral work in American Studies at Yale University in 2008, where she was also part of the inaugural cohort of the graduate certificate program in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Prior to graduate school, she received a BA in English and History from Northwestern University in 2002. Her areas of research include popular culture and visual culture studies; critical race and gender theory; the history of science and medicine; animal studies; and bioethics.

She is currently revising her dissertation manuscript for publication. Entitled Infrahumanisms: Race, Nation, and the Moral Economy of Embodiment in 20th Century U.S. Culture, her doctoral thesis encompasses the cultural, intellectual, and scientific history of the “human” from 1890-2008, and argues that the terms of “humanness” and “species difference” have been critical in the determination of other bio-cultural forms of identity and alterity. Infrahumanisms has been supported and recognized by a variety of organizations, including the American Association of University Women, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Glick is a member of the American Association for the History of Medicine, the American Historical Association, the American Studies Association, the History of Science Society, and the Society for Social Studies of Science.  She has taught at Yale College, Yale School of Medicine, and Smith College. While in residence at the Cogut Center, she will be teaching and will join the Humanities / Science Project.

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