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Feedback about
the School of Criticism and Theory (SCT)

"It was truly wonderful to be part of such an enthusiastic, thinking collective and the many engaging discussions at the lectures, colloquiums and the seminar that I attended... [The] seminar (“Conformism, Antagonism, Critique: On the Post-Political”) exposed me to some key texts in continental philosophy that I have felt the need to be familiar with during my graduate work at Brown. This was a wonderful opportunity to think about the relationship between different strands of continental thought and the post-structuralist theories that my own research has been inflected by so far… I came away with new insights… and a fantastic reading list after many productive conversations with my colleagues and the faculty… Being a sponsored participant at Cornell was an extremely rewarding experience that I will wholeheartedly recommend to my fellow graduate students at Brown."

                               — Ani Maitra
                               Graduate Student, Modern Culture and Media
                               2010 Participant

"I thought that the SCT would be a good way to get a broader viewpoint on my own field; it turned out to be much more than that. The SCT was a life changing experience for me: academically, of course, I see things very differently than I did beforehand. In terms of my own research, it has also been extremely helpful and inspiring in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. But the most important thing I took from this summer experience is the relationships I developed with other graduate students and professors. These are so precious to me, both on an academic and personal level. . . the faculty at the SCT and the visiting speakers were extremely eager to discuss their work, and to help graduate students with theirs. The intellectual generosity on their part was truly remarkable, and I am extremely grateful for the time that each of them spent with me."

— Pauline de Tholozany
Graduate Student, French Studies
2009 Participant

"Ithaca is a great place in the summer. A surprisingly lively and charming town, it provides a very appropriate setting for the most exciting intellectual experience. The seminar, the lectures, the follow-ups, the colloquia, the reading groups and the daily intensive contact with engaging faculty and with the other participants, coming from many countries and different intellectual formations, offer a unique occasion for learning and for cultivation of new ideas. Often the discussions would proceed from a lecture to a lovely reception and from the reception to a nearby pub, where it was common to converse amiably about Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason after midnight, with the extra support of local ales and bowls of popcorn."

— Amanda Minervini
Graduate Student, Italian Studies
2008 Participant