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2007-2008 Humanities Research Groups

"Women in the Archive"

Sponsor: Cogut Center for the Humanities

Primary Faculty Sponsors: Joan Richards, Professor, History, Brown University

Amy Remensnyder, Professor, History, Brown University

Melinda Rabb, Professor, English, Brown University

Research Group Participants: Julia Flanders, Director, Women's Writers Project, Brown University

Jacqueline Wernimont, Project Manager and Textbase Editor, Women's Writers Project, Brown University

Gail Cohee, Director, Sarah Doyle Women's Center, Brown University

Visiting Scholars: Elaine Beilin, Professor, English, Framingham State College

The goal of Women in the Archive is to deepen our historical perspective on scholarship on women, their texts, and their culture across the disciplines. Specifically, we want to consider how different environments (technological, archival, critical) have shaped and been shaped by this scholarship; to consider recent innovations in archival preservation and presentation, in digital publication, and in pedagogical practices and their potential value in teaching and researching women's work. The core group of participants includes faculty, graduate students and staff from Brown University and other regional institutions. Participation will be sought and welcomed from others at Brown and beyond.

The group will meet at intervals throughout the 2007-08 spring semester; participants will have the opportunity to present research in progress focusing on women's texts and issues of gender in archival work. The discussion wil situate this work in a historiographic context and consider how the critical and theoretical perspectives in play have been shaped over the past three decades of scholarship.

The research group will also organize and host a one-day conference at Brown, "Revealing Women: Pedagogy, Text, Technology," in order to bring a range of scholars, historians, women's studies scholars, literary scholars, art historians, and others together to consider collaboratively our research topics.