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Co-sponsored Initiatives


September 22 (Lecture) “Chemical Weapons into Prayers to God:  The Espelkamp Story,” Dario Biocca, European History and the School of Journalism, University of Perugia (Italy)

September 22 (Lecture) “Paranoiac Illustrations and Dali’s Aliyah,” Elliott King, art historian, in conjunction with Brown RISD Hillel’s touring exhibit of Salvador Dali’s “Aliyah: The Rebirth of Israel”

September 26 (Film screening and conversation) “My Perestroika,” Robin Hessman, filmmaker

October 5 (Lecture) “My Life as an Experiment:  I came, I saw, I became part of the story,”  AJ Jacobs ’90, author and journalist.

October 13-15 (Conference) “The Classics Renewed: The Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity,” Speakers:  Karla Pollman, University of St. Andrews; Petra Schierl, University of Basel; Mark Vessey, University of British Columbia; Bret Mulligan, Haverford College; Catherine Ware, University of Liverpool; Stephen Wheeler, Pennsylvania State University; Jacqueline Long, Loyola University of Chicago; Robin McGill, Wheaton College; Gerard O’Daly, University College London; Catherine Conybeare, Bryn Mawr; Suzanne Abrams-Rebillard, Cornell University; Scott McGill, Rice University; Michael Herren, York University, Toronto; Joel Relihan, Wheaton College; Joseph Pucci, Brown University; Michael Roberts, Wesleyan University; David Bright, Emory University; James Uden, Boston University.  Funded by a Cogut Center Humanities Research Grant.

October 14 -16 (Residency and performance) Merce Cunningham Dance Company

October 17 – November 6 (Film screening, concerts and symposium) “Visions of Liszt”

October 19 (Lecture) “Before Racial Construction:  Kant, Dermatology and the Racialization of Skin,” Irene Tucker, University of California/Irvine

October 21 - 22 (Graduate symposium) “Not on View,” Michael Ann Holly, Clark Art Institute

October 31 - November 4 (Workshops and performance) Eiko and Koma, writers and Butoh performers

November 5 (Conference) “Theory on the Move:  Three Decades of Critical Feminist Thinking” SpeakersAnne Norton, University of Pennsylvania; Jenny Sharpe, University of California/Los Angeles; Afsaneh Najmabadi, Harvard University; Lisa Cartwright, University of California/San Diego; Sylvia Schafer, University of Connecticut; Charles Shepherdson, State University of New York/Albany; Margherita Long, University of California/Riverside; Sharika Thiranagama, Stanford University and the New School for Social Research; Sandy Alexandre, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

November 9 (Panel discussion) “Brown Emerging Writers’ Panel” Speakers:  Kevin Rosse ’09, Lindsay Harrison ’08, and Brian Christian ‘06

November 10 (Lecture) “The Poetics of Decision:  Yeats, Benjamin and Schmitt,” David Lloyd, University of Southern California

November 12 (Performance) “From Jerusalem to Constantinople:  Byzantine Music for St. Catherine and Epiphany,” Vocal chamber ensemble Cappella Romana.

December 1 (Panel discussion) “Africana and the Fate of the Humanities” SpeakersCarol Boyce Davies, Cornell University; Soyica Diggs, Dartmouth College; Regine Jean-Charles, Boston College; Lawrence P. Jackson, Emory University; Jeffrey Ogbar, University of Connecticut; and Brenda Marie Osbey, Brown University and Louisiana State University

February 13 (Lecture) “The Art of Reporting:  From Investigative Projects to Columns, The Irreplaceable Value of ‘Ground Truth’,” journalist David Rohde ‘90

February 13 (Lecture) “Anyuan:  Mining China’s Revolutionary Tradition,” Elizabeth J. Perry, Harvard University

February 23 (Seminar) “Realism and Reality of Blood:  City of God 10 Years Later” Fabio Akcelrud Durão, University of Campinas (Brazil)

February 26-27 (Workshop) “Cross-Cultural Connections in the Early Modern Jewish World” SpeakersThomas Cohen, York University/Toronto; Joanna Weinberg, Oxford University; Jay Berkovitz, University of Massachusetts/Amherst; Andrew Berns, University of California/Los Angeles; Yaacov Deutsch, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Daniel Schroeter, University of Minnesota; Daniel Jütte, Harvard University; Magda Teter, Wesleyan University; David Graizbord, University of Arizona

February 28 (Lecture) “The Galleries for Islamic Art at the Met:  Renovation and Revival,” Sheila Canby, Metropolitan Museum of Art curator

March 2-3 (Graduate Student Conference) “Chiasmi” Keynote speaker Claudio Fogu, University of California/Santa Barbara

March 5 (Lecture) “Samson Uncircumcised,” Jonathan Goldberg, Emory University

March 8 (Lecture) “John Carter Brown Lecture,” Bjarke Ingels, architect and Harvard University

March 16-18 (Graduate student conference) “Authenticity, Origins, and Authority in the Practice and Study of Religion,” Keynote speaker Bruce Lincoln, University of Chicago.

March 17-18 (Film festival) “Chinese Women’s Documentaries in the Market Era”

March 29- April 1 (Conference) “Collapse/ Catastrophe/Change,” American Comparative Literature Association’s annual conference

April 9 (Lecture) “Passion Lost, Passion Regained:  On the Love of the World in Heidegger and Arendt,” Dieter Thomä, Universität of St. Gallen (Switzerland)

April 13-14 (Graduate conference) “Craving Happiness, Containing Anxiety,” Elaine Tyler May, University of Minnesota

April 17 (Lecture) “Symbols of Resistance:  The Legacy of Artists Under the Chilean Dictator Augusto Pinochet,” Joanne Pottlitzer, author and playwright

May 7 (Lecture) “Writing—and Rewriting—Our New Global Swirl,” Pico Iyer, author

June 14-16 (Conference) “Material Cultures in the Space Between, 1914-1945,” Keynote speaker Elaine Freedgood, New York University