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Facilitating Effective Research (FER) Program

The overall undergraduate research experience is ultimately shaped by the nature and quality of specific interactions: those between the undergraduates and faculty,  between undergraduates and graduate students/research staff, and between the undergraduate students and other undergraduates. Maximizing the quality of each of these interactions optimizes the overall "success" of the undergraduate research program for each participant.  Our faculty members are strongly committed to (and have an excellent record in) the creation of highly positive and meaningful undergraduate research experiences.  It is toward the improvement of the nature and quality of undergraduate-graduate student/research staff interactions that we offer the Facilitating Effective Research (FER) Program.

The Facilitating Effective Research (FER) Program has 2 primary and complimentary objectives:

  • to provide a more meaningful and productive experience for participating undergraduates, and
  • to provide interested graduate students and staff with the training and experience essential for the effective management of research activities (at Brown and elsewhere).