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Fieldwork Opportunities

Brown University — through the work of the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World (formerly the Center for Old World Archaeology and Art), the Department of Anthropology and other units on campus — has a long and impressive tradition of sponsoring archaeological fieldwork. At present, faculty members in the Joukowsky Institute conduct fieldwork in Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, and the West Indies. Brown undergraduates have recently enjoyed the chance to work in places such Petra (Jordan), Abydos (Egypt), and Montserrat (West Indies).

Undergraduates interested in archaeology are strongly encouraged to think about exploring such summer fieldwork opportunities. Students are introduced — either through more formal field schools (taken for credit) or through volunteer experiences — to key archaeological techniques and methodologies, as well as provided with an opportunity to travel and explore. Students should think about the type of experience they would like, for archaeological projects take place in numerous countries, and in regions and on sites belonging to different time periods and cultures; different projects teach different skill sets.

Information about fieldwork opportunities, both Brown-sponsored and other possibilities, is provided each year by the undergraduate advisor, through a combination of e-mail and periodic meetings. Most projects accept applications in the January-April before the summer in question, but interested students are encouraged to make contact with their advisor in the fall term to begin the planning process. To start exploring possibilities, see the web sites below: