Tutorial #1: Old English Spelling Conventions.

To do this exercise, you will need to have studied chapter four in the textbook and the handout on development of vowels and consonant clusters. Otherwise, you will not get much benefit out of it.

In each of the following questions, you are given an Old English word and asked what the equivalent Modern English (MnE) word would be.

You will have an initial opportunity to answer these questions cold, without any hints or clues. Please enter the word you think is correct, and press the "Submit answer" button for that particular question.

If you do not press the "Submit answer" button for each answer, the program will not accept your answer.

If your first try is incorrect, you will be given 4 possible choices for the answer. Keep trying until you get the right answer, at which point you will be given some comments and presented with the next question.

Spellings discussed in the comments are flanked by angle brackets (<, >). Phonetic transcriptions are flanked by square brackets ([, ]).

The goal of the exercise is to help you identify familiar words spelled in unfamiliar ways. If you can do this, you will avoid repeated trips to the glossary while translating works for class discussion and will build your Old English vocabulary without unnecessary effort.

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