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Computer Music and Multimedia

Brown's newest graduate program calls itself meme@brown (Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments), and promotes original research into the theoretical, technical, cultural and aesthetic aspects of music and multimedia production. Students explore a broad range of digital media culture while creating works of music and sound in combination with text, image, sculpture, movement. Candidates are free to devise a plan of study to fit their background, interest, and skill, and they may select from a wide range of course offerings, including individual lessons, graduate seminars, and group research. Intensive work in computer music composition is integrated with advanced studies in computer programming, interactive design, video production, creative writing, and visual art, making this one of the most interdisciplinary programs of graduate study on campus. Cooperating units include RISD's Digital Media program as well as Brown's own departments of Visual Arts, Computer Science, Modern Culture and Media, Theatre, Speech and Dance, Literary Arts, and more. >> for more info, visit the meme website

MEME Ensemble in concert November 2005, in an internet collaboration with Pauline Oliveros and students from RPI