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Marc Perlman

Associate Professor of Music:
Phone: +1 401 863 3764
Phone 2: +1 401 863 3234

Professor Perlman's research interests include Indonesian music, the psychology of music, the history and ethnography of music theory, intellectual property law, the variety of musical taste cultures, the cultural impact of music technology, the social history of American music education, the Historical Performance movement in Western art music, Irish music, and Burmese music.


Marc Perlman, ethnomusicologist, received his Ph.D. from Wesleyan University. Before joining Brown University, he spent a year as a Fellow of the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University. He has also taught at Tufts University, and in Indonesia, where he was founding editor of the Journal of the Indonesian Musicological Society. His scholarly writings have appeared in the journals Ethnomusicology, Asian Music, Musical Quarterly, Postmodern Culture, Music Perception, Indonesia, Social Studies of Science, and in the revised edition of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. He has also published in Rhythm Music Magazine and the New York Times. He is a past president of the Northeast Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology.


Research Description/Clinical Interests
My research interests range widely both in geography and disciplinary affiliation. I specialize in the musical traditions of Indonesia. I have extensive experience with the gamelan music of Central Java, but I have also studied the music of Bali and North Sumatra. I also have experience with the music of Ireland, India, and Burma (Myanmar), as well as interests in American popular music. My research in these areas is variously informed by anthropology, sociology, history, post-colonial studies, cultural studies, music theory, cognitive psychology, science and technology studies, and legal theory.


Ph.D., Wesleyan University


Awards for the book, Unplayed Melodies:
Deems Taylor Award (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers)
Lewis Lockwood Award (American Musicological Society)
Wallace Berry Award (Society for Music Theory)
Alan Merriam Prize (Society for Ethnomusicology)
Finalist, Benda Prize (Association for Asian Studies)


Society for Ethnomusicology

Funded Research

Internal research grants:
Brown University Salomon Research Award, 2000
Brown University Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship, 2004

External research grants:
Fulbright-Hays Dissertation Research Grant (United States Department of Education), 1983
Southeast Asia Council (Association for Asian Studies) Isolated Scholar Research Award, 1993
Asian Cultural Council grant, 1995
American Philosophical Society grant, 2001
National Humanities Center Fellowship, 2001
University of Texas (Austin) Harrington Faculty Fellowship, 2001
Stanford Humanities Center Fellowship, 2001

Curriculum Vitae

Download Marc Perlman's Curriculum Vitae in PDF Format