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Picture of Jamie Dreier
Jamie Dreier
Professor of Philosophy
107 Corliss Brackett
Office Hours: TW 12:00-1:00

Jamie Dreier received his PhD from Princeton University in 1988, and he has taught at Brown since. His research lies in the areas of ethics, political philosophy, rationality and decision theory. His current work concerns noncognitivism, practical rationality, moral relativism, and the problem of infinite utility.

Online Papers

Relativsm (and Expressivism) and the Problem of Disagreement (PDF)

Accepting Agent Centered Norms: A Problem for Non-Cognitivists and a Suggestion for Solving It (PDF)

Dispositions and Fetishes: Externalist Models of Modal Motivation (PDF)

Expressivist Embeddings and Minimalist Truth (PDF)

Internalism and Speaker Relativism (PDF)

Lockean and Logical Truth Conditions (PDF)

Meta-Ethics and the Problem of Creeping Minimalism (PDF)

Structures of Normative Theories (PDF)

The Supervenience Argument Against Moral Realism (PDF)

Transforming Expressivism (PDF)