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Masters Theses in Portuguese Bilingual Education and Cross-Cultural Studies or ESL Education and Cross-Cultural Studies

"Explicit Vocabulary Instruction for ELLs and its Effect on Reading Comprehension and Writing Skills." by David J. Andrews (2012)

"What are the Ramifications of Initial English as a Second Language Placement Tests?" by Joy A. Amaral (2012)

"Raising Writing through Science Inquiry." by Mayhelen R. Chiulli (2012)

"The Impact of Feedback on Student Engagement and Achievement of English Language Learners in Algebra I." by Christina DiPrete (2012)

"Personalized Instruction, Coaching, Peer-Tutoring, and Chess to Motivate English Language Learners." by Frank C. DelBonis (2012)

"Third Language Acquisition: An Instructional Approach in an Italian World Language Classroom." by Francesca Florio (2012)

"Math Vocabulary Development for English Language Learners Using Explicit Instruction of Math Vocabulary using Math Raps." by Rosario Johnson (2012)

"Improving ESL Students’ Vocabulary Instruction Through Technology." by Corey P. Lamoureux (2012)

"Using Classroom Debate as an Instructional Tool." by Robin C. Maguire (2012)

"Writing Strategies for English Language Learners." by April Marquis (2012)

"Integrating Parents’ Funds of Knowledge into the Classroom through Parent Journal Responses." by Lisa Melo (2012)

"Understanding the Importance of the Use of Native Language Reading as a Bridge to Increase Proficiency in the Target Language." by Ana Gloria Montalban-Benitez (2012)

"Reading Comprehension Strategies for English Language Learners in a High School Setting." by Amanda A. Rowley (2012)

"ELL Interventions: How Increasing Student/Teacher Relationships Impact Student Engagement in a Middle School Science Classroom." by Jeffrey M. Toth (2012)

"English Language Learners will Improve Academic Performance by Expressing their Thinking and Mathematics Processing Both Orally and in Writing." by Sonia Villegas-Gonzalez (2012)

"The Implications of Writing in Mathematics on ELL Students." by Sabrina Antonelli (2010)

"Leaders in Reading: A Study in Mobilizing and Empowering English Language Learners to Promote Literacy in Their Own Communities." by Jillian Belanger (2010)

"Writing to Develop Academic Language and Encourage Concept Development in English Language Learners in the Geometry Classroom." by Sherrie-Lynne Belanger (2010)

"Increasing Student Motivation, Communication Skills and Personal Agency Through Studwent-centered, Issue-oriented Projects and Activities." by Peter Breen (2010)

"Vocabulary instruction within the Content Area Classroom." by Lee Chagnon (2010)

"Supporting Mainstream English Language Learners in Mathematics." by Shaila Cruz (2010)

"Science For ELLs: Helping English Language Learners Become Scientific Thinkers." by Angela M. Goulart (2010)

"Can English Language Learners Meet Standards-Based Proficiency in Science Classes?" by Jushua Laplante (2010)

"Using Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) to Improve Academic Outcomes in Mathematical Problem Solving for ELLs." by Angel Leiva (2010)

"Learning the Language of Schooling: Teaching English Language Learners Acadmic Vocabulary through Graphic Organizers." by Sheila Lawless-Burke (2010)

"Using Hands-On Inquiry in Science as an Intervention Tool for English Language Learners to Enhance Writing Proficiency." by Tammie McNaught (2010)

"Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners: Best Practices." by Jillian O'Keefe (2010)

"Student Engagement, Motivation and Reflection: Using Video in a Secondary English Classroom." by Donna Perrota (2010)

"Impact of Instruction in Cohesive Markers on 8th Grade English Language Learners." by Sandra Powers (2010)

"Using Cognates: A Teacher's Guide to Improving academic vocabluary in Social Studies for ELLs." by Flor de maria Ribezzo (2010)

"Accurate Meaning Beyond Searching for Clues: How Reliable Vocabulary Strategy Assists Reading Proficiency for Middle School Second Languages Learners." by Jodi Timpani (2010)

"Would a Vygotskian-type classroom be successful in a modern day urban setting?" by Scott Turner (2010)

"Cooperative Learning: Engagment and Achievement of ELL Students in Social Studies Classes." by Daniel Wall (2010)

"Examining the Origins of Motivation and Success in Cambodian Secondary School Students." by Loeun B. Lay (2006)

"Language Attrition among Khmer Immigrants: Looking at Its Causes and Tracking Its Effects." by Maliss Men (2006)

"Developmental Word Study and English Language Learners." by Michelle C. Manning (2006)

"The Resiliency of Cambodian Adolescents Across Three Generations." by Layning Sun (2006)

"Middle School Newcomer Program." by Kathie Romero Afonso (2004)

"Resilience in Hmong Students." by Julie Kao Yang (2004)

"Latino L.E.P. Students in an Urban High School: Critical Factors Needed to Leave no Latino Student Behind." by Teolinda Brito-Abreu (2003)

"The History of the Cape Verdean Bilingual Program in South Boston." by Zaida Monteiro AraƓjo (2002)

"Developing and Expanding Language for Elementary ELL Students through Engagement in Marine Studies." by Kathleen Elizabeth Barden (2002)

"Scaffolding Second Language Acquisition with the Visual Arts." by Raphael Diaz (2002)

"The Importance of Parent Involvement in the Education of English Language Learners." by Susan Agnes Erno (2002)

"Assessment for the English Language Learner: Portfolio Assessment and Standardized Test." by Audrey Ann Kilsey (2002)

"Path of Spirits Lost." by Yeu Keu (2002)

"Access of English Language Learners and Females to Challenging Science Curriculum." by Teresa Sousa Medeiros (2002)

"Raising a Bilingual Child." by Marisa Ann Nardo (2002)

"Thinking about Thinking with Second Grade Black Boys." by Naeema Nuriddin (2002)

"Achievement Motivation and Success in Education in Relationship to Nigerian Childrearing Beliefs and Practices" by Dina Marie Silvaggio (2002)

"A Cross-Cultural Perspective on the Strengthening of Cultures and Identity in the Age of Globalization." by Peter Hagerman (2000)

"Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Preliminaries." by Edna Loide Tavares de Almeida (1998)

"Making Connections: Between Home and School Through Bilingual Picture Books." by Catherine Allen (1997)

"An English as a Second Language Instructional Framework Based on Current Research and Practice." by Patricia Andreson (1997)

"Learning Together: Towards Effective Learning and Parent Involvement." by Suzette Andrade (1997)

"Unearthing the Reflective Teacher: Affective Skills for Culturally Relevant Teaching Practice." by Pamela Barnes (1997)

"Using Evaluation Rubrics as a Motivational Device for English Language Minority Students in American Schools." by Elizabeth Cohen (1997)

"Identifying Southeast Asian Populations in Rhode Island: A Call for Specificity." by Francine Collignon (1997)

"Factors that Impact the Acculturation of Refugee and First Generation Cambodian Students in American Schools." by James Davis (1997)

"Inclusion and the LEP Middle School Student." by Pamela Garabedian (1997)

"Challenging Ability Grouping Placement of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students." by Maria Mansella (1997)

"Fitting the Pieces Together: A Home, School and Community Partnership with Culturally and Linguistically Minority Families." by Maureen McGahan (1997)

"Improving the Bilingual Education Program at the Perry Middle School." by Sara Melin (1997)

"Widening the Scope of Assessment for Language Minority Students." by Robin Mello (1997)

"Trechos da Literatura Açoriana para o N’vel Secundário." by Lorena Dauteuil (1996)

"Beyond the Sacred Factory of Souls: An Inquiry into the Educational Aspirations of Recent Portuguese Immigrants." by Robert H. Moser (1996)

"Inclusion and the LEP Student." by Lois E. Beach (1995)

"Outlining a Framework for Districts and Schools to Provide Opportunities for Language Minority Secondary School Students to Achieve Competency over Challenging Subject Matter." by Roberta A. DeRita Costa (1995)

"ESL in the Workplace." by Nancy Fritz (1995)

"Disturbing the Peace: Moving Towards an Ethical Approach to ESL Programming." by David R. Heimbecker (1995)

"Workplace ESL Instruction for Foreign-Born Professionals." by Jean Theresa Martone (1995)

"Instrumental Enrichment and the ESL Student." by Rosemary Powers by (1995)

"Use of Oral History to Profile the Real Life Experiences of Selected Members of the Local Portuguese Community." by Judith A. Souza by (1995)

"A Comprehensive Approach for Integrating Education, Health and Social Services to Assists Rhode Island's Limited-English Students and Their Families to Overcome Language and Cultural Barriers and to Succeed." by Virginia M. C. da Mota (1993)

"English as a Second Language Handbook for Parents and Students in the Warwick School Department." by Christine E. Dowding (1993)

"Turning Point: An English as a Second Language and a Vocational English as a Second Language Curriculum." by Margaret Carr (1992)

"Educating LEP Students: The Role of the School Library Media Specialist." by Lena Dame (1991)

"Developing a Program for Teaching Thinking Skills Across the Curriculum." by Judith Fishel (1991)

"SAVE, A System for Assessment in Vocational ESL: An Alternative Intake Approach for Adult Immigrants and Refugees." by Isabelle Hunter (1991)

"They Can All Know Together: Action Research in an Adult ESL/Literacy Setting." by Janet Isserlis (1991)

"Deconstructing a Monolith: A Discourse on Literacy Socialization Patterns of Mainstream Children and the Concomitant Pedagogical Implications for Practice with Non-Mainstream Pre-School Children." by Mary T. Kilroy (1991)

"Niza's Model: A Classroom Diary." by Maria F. Lindia (1991)

"An Eclectic Approach in Chapter I: Meeting the Needs of the Transitional English Population." by Casimir F. Malec (1991)

"A Sheltered Social Studies Integrated Curriculum for Grade Seven Advanced Beginner and Intermediate English as a Second Language Students." by Edward Pontarelli (1991)

"Linking Parents and Schools Together: A Proposed Plan to Help Prepare Hispanic Parents and Their Children to Meet with Success in American Kindergartens Today." by Lorna Sands (1991)

"Teresa Goes to School: An Ethnographic Study of a Learner and Tutor Dyad." by Michael J. Paul (1990)

"The Reading and Writing Connection in a Process-Oriented Classroom" by Eni M. Petella (1990)

"Acquiring English as a Second Language in a Pull-Out Program: Comparing Peter and Iva" by Nancy E. Ross (1990)

"Dialogue Journals and Language Minority Students: A Case Study" by Carolyn T. Viguers (1990)

"Bricolage: An Ethnography of the Attempt of Three Bilingual Students to Make Meaning of Their School Experience" by Robin G. Yates (1990)

"An Integrated Curriculum Based on Children's Literature for a Mainstream Grade" by Margot B. Alfano (1989)

"Teacher Preparation and the Misdiagnosis of Second Language Students" Kathleen M. Mellor (1989)

"The Schooling Experience of Portuguese Middle School Students: A Case Study in Contradiction and Non-Connections" by Susan Rotblat-Walker (1989)

"Looking Within: Engagement in Literacy in an Adult ESL Classroom" by Sara W. Smith (1989)