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Earth Day

Brown was one of the first institutions to really catch on to the local and sustainable food movements and Dining worked very hard in the first years of Community Harvest to help grow a knowledge base of what the food system looks like and what Brown, as well as its students, could do to be actively involved with "counter" movements.

-- Jennifer Baumstein, Farm Fresh RI, Brown alumna, former Community Harvest Intern

Food Day

Food Day Celebration Dinner

The 2012 Food Day Celebration will be on October 3rd. It's guaranteed to be a tasty affair! Here is a look at last year's menu:
Braised Chicken featuring Wellington Farms free-range chicken • Seafood Cavatelli featuring Venda Ravioli (RI) cavatelli pasta & Clipper Seafood (RI) local scallops, littlenecks & mussels • Red Potato Frittata featuring organic cage-free eggs & Szawlowski Farms (MA) potatoes • Vegan Acorn Squash featuring Mello Farms (RI) locally grown acorn squash • Green Beans featuring SouZa Farms (MA) beans • Fresh Chard featuring Absalona Farms (RI) • Roasted Potatoes featuring Szawlowski Farms (MA) potatoes • Roasted Root Vegetables in Cabot Creamery (VT) butter featuring Manheim Farms (MA) & Ferolbink Farms (RI) • Vegan Minestrone Soup with local vegetables • Kalamata Olive Bread Seven Stars (RI) • Durum Stick Seven Stars (RI) • Salad featuring Absalona Farms (RI) locally grown hydroponic greens; local Rhode Island slice apples; Narragansett Creamery (RI) salty sea feta; Ocean Spray (MA) locally grown and dried cranberries; served with a house-made pear vinaigrette. • Pumpkin Cheesecake featuring Ferolbink Farms (RI) pumpkin & Narragansett Creamery (RI) Angelito cream cheese • Pear Pie featuring Belltown Hill Orchards (CT) pears • Whipped Cream featuring local Guida's (CT) cream • Apple Cider featuring Barden Family Orchard (RI) cider
Brown Dining is committed to improving our local food system through our sustainability initiatives, which work to support local farmers, reduce our waste output, and purchase fairly traded and environmentally friendly foods.
Brown Dining's commitment to sustainability includes the following initiatives.
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