BWell Health Promotion's mission is to provide strong, effective and culturally relevant health promotion that supports individual and community well-being and a healthy learning environment.

BWell Health Promotion is part of Health Services. We are located on the 3rd floor of Health Services, which is on the corner of Brown and Charlesfield Streets. Call us at 401.863-2794 or stop by between 8:30am and 5:00pm during the academic year. We facilitate interactive workshops, offer individual counseling and referrals, and coordinate special events on a wide range of health topics. Topic areas include nutrition, alcohol and other drug use, sexual assault response & prevention, safer sex, sexually transmitted infections, stress management and general wellness.

  • We facilitate workshops on a variety of health topics or we can offer resources for you to plan your own workshop.
  • We counsel students who have concerns about alcohol and other drugs, eating disorders, sexual assault or sexual health questions.
  • We have a variety of condoms and dental dams that students can purchase.
  • We have a library of health books, brochures, videos, and printed materials that are available for you to check out.
  • We collaborate on several health awareness events like World AIDS Day, Love Your Body Day, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and others.

Who we are:

Tracy Bergeron, Nutritionist

Naomi Ninneman, Health Educator

Marc Peters, Men's Health Coordinator

Alana Sacks, SHARE Coordinator (Sexual Harassment & Assault Resources & Education)

Suzanne Soprano, Administrative Assistant