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Sexual Assault Response Line

Brown University Sexual Assault Response Line (24/7): 401-863-6000

What is the Sexual Assault Response Line?

A 24-hour, confidential telephone line for crisis response in an incident of sexual or interpersonal violence.

You will reach a licensed mental health counselor with confidential privilege similar to other health providers (medical doctors, nurses, etc.).  Information you share with this person would not be shared with anyone, except under very specific circumstances such as a court order, if there is imminent danger to you or someone else, or if you disclose abuse of a child, elder or person with disabilities.

What can I expect when I call?

The counselor will ask some questions to gauge your emotional and physical safety, and help guide you through your options for seeking emotional support, healthcare, reporting and/or legal aid if necessary.  For more information about your options following a sexual assault see this page.  


What services are offered?

We are here to listen and help you:

  • Process your experiences

  • Safety plan

  • Consider your options for filing criminal or disciplinary charges

  • Connect you to medical providers

  • Strategize about the day-to-day challenges of coping with your experience

  • Explain options for ongoing counseling

  • Accompany you to the healthcare appointments or the hospital, court, or other appointments

  • Connect you to housing, academic accommodations, or other help as needed

  • Activate additional support systems

Who can call?

Any Brown student/community member who needs immediate help accessing resources in response to an incident of sexual violence or interpersonal harm can call the response line.  

If your concern is not urgent, and you’d like to make an appointment with a confidential resource, you have a few options. To make an appointment with a SHARE advocate click here, or call 401-863-2794 during business hours.  If you’d like to make an appointment with a counselor from Counseling and Psychological Services, call 401-860-3476.

Can I call for a friend?

If you are supporting someone in crisis who you are concerned about, you may call this line to receive information about next steps and safety planning.  It can be stressful to help support someone you are worried about, and those in support roles can often benefit from access to professional resources as well. See our How to Help a Friend page for more information about helping someone who has experienced sexual violence.



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