Sexual Assault Peer Education (SAPE)

What is SAPE?

The Sexual Assault Peer Education (SAPE) program is a group of Brown students who believe that sexual violence is wrong and are committed to ending it.  SAPE uses a nationally recognized bystander intervention model, “Bringing in the Bystander” developed at the University of New Hampshire, to educate the Brown community.  Some SAPE members become peer educators and some members coordinate and promote presentations, observe educators and offer valuable feedback, and recruit new members.

Peer educators pair up and present interactive presentations that are designed to:

  • Promote dialogue about ways the larger campus community can adopt prosocial bystander behavior (i.e., ways that individuals who witness situations like assault and/or situations that lead to assault can intervene safely in ways that have a positive impact).
  • Increase understanding of sexual assault and its impact on victims
  • Dispel the myth that sexual assault “doesn’t happen at Brown.”
  • Discuss the current “rape culture” and the ways in which sexual violence is manifested.

Educators are expected to facilitate two to three workshops with a partner per semester. You and the SAPE coordinators will work together to determine locations and times for workshops. There are also regular debriefing sessions with a SAPE coordinator to discuss any aspects of the program or problems encountered.

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Is there training?

Yes!  All members receive initial training in the “Bringing in the Bystander” curriculum (roughly 6 hours). Additional training sessions are also provided and required.

Safety and self-care are major aspects of this program.  Because this is a difficult topic to work on, we will help you make sure that you are taking good care of yourself.  Trainings, debriefing sessions and individual meetings will be designed to provide support for all peer educators.

How do I join?

SAPE is always looking for a diverse group of people to serve as members. Sexual violence can happen to anyone, regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, education level, gender or gender identity. 

We welcome you to attend a meeting, meet members, and learn more about the program. 

To officially join we ask that you complete a short application (click to download application) and interview.

To find out when our next meeting is, learn more about joining, or to schedule a SAPE presentation contact Health Promotion at 401.863-2794 or e-mail

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