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Residential Council Minutes :: November 16, 1999

Present: Jeff Mizrahi, Ross Lipsky, Andrew Lom, Sam Ginsberg, Jennifer
Kraemer, Lori Cole, Leah Scherzer, Todd Strochlic, Pamela Vasile, Jay
Plansky, Pat Robertson, Dean Desrochers, Dean Eddy, Dean Forsberg

Absent: Phil Ugelow (excused), Dave Countryman

1. Program House Stuff:
- Jay gave a short run-down of what was talked about with each
house at Fall Review. If you are a liaison for a house that came in for
Fall Review, please write your letter summarizing these points along with
suggestions for the particular house for next semester. Please e-mail this
letter to Jay before you leave for Thanksgiving break. If you need notes
about what was discussed with your house, contact Jay or Jeff.

2. Lottery Stuff:
- Revisions to the Grapevine need to be completed by the end of the
semester. As such, it is important that the proposal to increase the
number of co-ed suites in the lottery (as well as other gender-specific
housing issues) be voted on at next week's meeting.

3. Other Stuff:
- "Cops Can Cook" dinner organized by Lieutenant Andrews. E-mail
Kevin_Andrews@Brown.edu if interested and for more information. Also, let
your program houses know about this.

4. Next Meeting: Tuesday Nov. 23rd at noon in South Wayland Lounge.

Meeting Adjourned - 12:50 P.M.

Submitted by Todd Strochlic, Residential Council Secretary, '99-'00