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Residential Council Minutes :: November 23, 1999

Present: Jeff Mizrahi, Leah Scherzer, Dave Countryman, Jennifer Kraemer,
Pamela Vasile, Ross Lipsky, Todd Strochlic, Andrew Lom, Lori Cole, Dean
Forsberg, Dean Eddy

Absent: Jay Plansky (excused), Sam Ginsberg (excused), Phil Ugelow, Pat
Robertson, Dean Desrochers (excused)

1. The Council had a final discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of offering an increased number of co-ed suites in the lottery.

2. A proposal was made that all suites of Gregorian Quad (New Dorm) A and
the Wriston suites with two bathrooms HAVE THE OPTION of being chosen by co-ed groups.
This means that co-ed groups will not get priority, and
that,in reality, only a fraction of these suites will really turn out to be co-ed (because single sex groups with better numbers may choose them as well).

The Council voted on this proposal:
In favor: 7
Opposed: 0
Abstained: 1

Leah volunteered to write up this recommendation to the Office of Residential Life.

3. Next week's discussion is about assigning gender to rooms/suites in the
housing lottery.

4. Next Meeting: Tuesday, Nov. 30th at noon in South Wayland Lounge.

Meeting adjourned: 12:50 P.M.

Submitted by Todd Strochlic, Residential Council Secretary, '99-'00