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Residential Council Minutes :: April 3, 2001

Present: Steve Baker, Michael Blitstein, Samuel Gorstein, James Katz, Sanders Kleinfeld, Andrew Lom, Casey Marks, Leah Scherzer, Mario Sturla, Avital Wenger, Charles Williamson, Andrew Golodny

Absent: Jennifer Kraemer (excused), Ross Lipsky (excused), Andrew Dupuy

1. Committee Reports
a. Lottery - Fourth Segment of the Lottery on 4/4; If you are signed up to work at Segment IV, please come. Dinner at 5:00 PM at Res. Life, lottery at 6 in Salomon
b. Policy - Meeting next Monday at Fac. Management on Olive Street a little before 3 pm (Move Management, check out furniture)
c. Program House - Spring Review coming up soon

2. New Business
a. East Asian House - Two officers (including next year's president) attended the meeting to discuss East Asian House being disbanded for next year. Representatives explained that miscommunication involving the current president was why no one attended the last Res. Council meeting. They said that as of Super Deadline Day, they believed they had the minimum of ten members, but confusion arose because one member was going abroad fall semester and one was going abroad spring semester. In addition, there was one member who had originally also signed up for Harambee House, but was not taken off their list. In addition, East Asian House has since recruited 6 more members who had originally tried to live in 111 Brown Street.
The representatives added that activity within the house has improved this semester, with a new set of officers elected, and activities such as film festivals, a tea and dessert function. They are planning to hold a sleepover for Southeast Asian children in the Providence area. Representatives said that to disband East Asian House over "technicalities" such as numbers and miscommunication would be malicious and subversive.

Discussion of whether to reconsider East Asian House's disbandment followed. Discussion of whether the Council would have still disbanded East Asian House if they had this information at the last meeting. Discussion of the fact that East Asian House still failed to meet number requirement by Super Deadline Day, and whether miscommunication was a valid excuse or cause for reconsideration. Discussion of whether program houses such as East Asian House are held to different standards than fraternities such as Delta Phi.

Motion to reconsider disbandment of East Asian House (Vote: 5-5-0); motion fails to meet 2/3 majority.

3. Next meeting - Tuesday April 10 at noon in South Wayland Lounge

Meeting adjourned at 12:50pm.

Submitted by Sanders Kleinfeld, Residential Council Secretary 2001