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Residential Council Minutes :: October 23, 2001

Present: Ari Adland, Michael Blitstein, Chad Farrell, Andrew Golodny, Jesse Goodman, James Katz, Sanders Kleinfeld, Alissa Levine, Andrew Lom, Evan Metcalfe, Leah Scherzer, Mario Sturla, Josh Troy, Charles Williamson, Liz Cho, Meredith Eddy

Program House Committee Report:
I. Fall review is on the horizon (11/6) from 5-9 PM, most likely in S. Wayland lounge
II. Mike will send out an e-mail to be forwarded to everyone's respective house liaisons. The e-mail will describe what fall review is and contain info about where and when each house's review appointment is.
III.After review a letter will go out to each house with an official record of the results.
Lottery Committee Report:
I. Committee meeting to discuss social dorm lottery issues
II. Work on Grapevine will start soon
Historical Project
Facilities management is taking photographs of "typical" dorm rooms as part of a collection. Interested parties should contact Susan Price at 3-7922.

Policy Committee Report:
Card Access
I. Card access between New Pembrokes 3 and 4 is a good idea because it fosters community among first-years.
II. Card access between The Young O buildings is a good idea because it fosters community among seniors.
III. No one feels that such policies would infringe on student safety, but a talk with the police colonel is necessary to determine that for sure. The colonel is coming to the 11/16 meeting.
IV. Committee lwill draw up a proposal for such changes in card access.
Co-ed Suites
I. Proposal was passed around
II. Main changes:
-make box on wait list sheet say "I am willing to live in a co-ed suite"
-specify that residents of suites with doubles will have to make doubles same-sex
-Selected New Dorm A for proposal
II. Res Council will conduct a poll in the ratty on Thursday 11/1 (chicken finger day) to gauge interest in co-ed suite option. The statement "I support co-ed suites" will be rated on a 5-point scale (strongly agree to strongly disagree).
Council voted on proposal and it passed 12-0-0

Next week: Discussion of social dorm lottery and updates from BACH, RC/MPC/WPC deadline change proposal, and investigation into two-ply toilet paper.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55

Minutes Respectfully submitted by Susan Harrison, secretary on 10/23/2001