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Residential Council Minutes :: October 30, 2001

Present: Ari Adland, Michael Blitstein, Chad Farrell, Andrew Golodny, Jesse Goodman, James Katz, Sanders Kleinfeld, Alissa Levine, Andrew Lom, Leah Scherzer, Mario Sturla, Josh Troy, Charles Williamson, Meredith Eddy, Don Desrochers, Mary Greineder

Excused: Evan Metcalfe

Program House Committee:
Fall Review will happen next Tuesday from 5-9 in S. Wayland Lounge (there will be food). Each program house will have 10 minutes. Mike will send out the message to be forwarded to all program house contact people. There will be no noon time meeting that day.

Lottery Committee
Work on The Grapevine will start next week

Policy Committee:
We will conduct a survey about co-ed suites in the Ratty on Thursday 11/1 from 11-1. We will ask people to evaluate on a strongly agree to strongly disagree scale whether or not Brown should offer more co-ed suites.

Chairman Report:
I.There was a dinner in the Ratty on Thursday 10/26 to talk about forming a Wriston council made up of program house leaders. At some point in the future Greek council will open up one or more of its meetings to all Wriston program houses to encourage more communication among groups living on Wriston.
II. UCS left Res Council out of its Monday 10/29 meeting where the group discussed issues related to housing. Andrew yelled at them for that.
III. The police colonel will be coming to the 11/20 meeting (not on 11/16 given that day is a Friday) to discuss card access and any other pertinent issues of our choosing

Social Dorms:
There are two main issues with social dorms: do they fulfill their goal of creating a social, community atmosphere for members and what lottery segment should they go in?

I.This year Harkness has been fairly active
II. Diman has done nothing.
III. There are no repercussions for not paying the mandatory dues.
IV. Res council does not wish to play bookkeeper for the social dorms.
V. RP role-can they help make the social dorms more social?
VI. Is there a point in mandating that these dorms be social dorms? Could they just be sophomore-only housing since that is often what they turn into?
VII. Did the move from Segment IV to Segment II of the lottery make any difference in how social the dorms are?
Issue was tabled until after Fall Review when the social dorm leadership comes in to discuss specifically what the dorms have done.

Summer Storage:
Dean Desrochers gave a report on summer storage.
I. University isn't responsible for items left in low-security storage, but it gets blamed when things are damaged or stolen.
II. Last year it spent $40,000 to hire the people who went around locking and unlocking storage for students.
III. Should the University continue to offer low-security storage and if it does choose to continue how can the system be improved?

I. Yes, the University should continue to offer low-security storage because it is expensive to ship or store items off-campus.
II.How many students would be effected by its elimination? Nobody knows but the number was estimated at half of the student body.
Issue tabled due to lack of time

Meeting adjourned at 12:55.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Harrison, Secretary