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Residential Council Minutes :: November 13, 2001

Present: Alissa Levine, Andrew Lom, Michael Blitstein, Chad Farrell, Andrew Golodny, Sanders Kleinfeld, Evan Metcalfe, Leah Scherzer, Jesse Goodman, James Katz, Josh Troy, Mario Sturla, Ari Adland, Susan Harrison, Meredith Eddy, Liz Cho, Dean Forsberg, Dean Desrochers

Report from Chair: Recommendation to push back RC/MPC/WPC acceptance letter deadline has been accepted by the Office of Student Life. This year letters will go out on Feb 22, decisions must be made by Feb 25, and Super Deadline Day is Feb 28. This time line will give students the opportunity to find out if they have been accepted by program houses as well and make an informed decision between the two options.

Report from Lottery Committee: The group is waiting to get files from Ross Lipsky before it can begin work on The Grapevine.

Res Council will not be meeting with the BUPD police colonel next week. The meeting has been pushed back to Nov 27.

Questions/Comments for the Colonel:
I. In what way, if any, does allowing card access between buildings like New Pembroke's 3 and 4 hinder student safety?
II. How has the situation been in Grad Center this year with universal access between all towers?
III. Clarification on BUPD policy for on/off campus parties.

Low-Security Storage
Students don use it over winter break when athletes stay in Wayland or Littlefield

The University has found that offering low-security storage is a huge ordeal and very costly. Does it need to continue to offer it?

Issue tabled to talk about Fall Review

Recommendations for Programs Houses for Fall Review
AChiO: 2 with a recommendation to increase membership
AEPi- 2
ADPhi- 1
Bottega- 3 with a recommendation to fulfill community service requirement ASAP. Should also try to increase the number of returning members.
Buxton- 3. Needs to do community service and write by-laws.
DPhi- 3. Encouraged to keep up the good work. Needs to get a faculty advisor, not just an alumnus advisor. It is off probation now, but still needs to send in a weekly report.
French House- 2. Ought to increase the number of returning members if it can.
Social Dorms- Tabled until later date
Harambee- 2
Haven- Doesn't involve the community. Vote to disband passed 10-0.

Rest of houses will be discussed next week

Meeting adjourned at 12:55.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Harrison, Secretary