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Residential Council Minutes :: November 27, 2001

Present: Ari Adland, Michael Blitstein, Andrew Golodny, Alissa Levine, Andrew Lom, James Katz, Evan Metcalfe, Leah Scherzer, Sanders Kleinfeld, Jesse Goodman, Josh Troy, Mario Sturla, Meredith Eddy, Donald Desrochers, Thomas Forsberg, Mary Greineder

Program house report: Mike sent out the Fall Review form letter to all council members. Send the completed letters back to Mike.

Policy report: Still waiting to hear about coed suite proposal. Will write up a section for Grapevine anyway.

The Colonel:
-Mark Perry, the crime prevention coordinator, will have to investigate the safety matter of card access between New Pembrokes 3 and 4, but the colonel gave a tentative yes. 
-The on-campus party policy: the cop on duty for the night will meet the party managers before the party starts and check in periodically throughout the night. The police will only intervene if the party managers ask or if the party gets out of control.
-The off-campus party policy: BUPS will respond when called to an off-campus party to document the incident, but the Providence Police actually handle the call.
-Basement room policy: BUPS recognizes basement rooms as private. It will only break up social functions if it seems that more than just house members are part of the event.
-Marijuana: There has been no change in policy. Possession of more than 1 oz leads to an assumption of intention to distribute. All arrests are judgment calls made by whoever is on duty that particular night.
-Police Presence: There has been increased presence with the addition of another campus police office in a patrol car. There will be 3 additional officers by next September. The ratio of campus security to police officers will be tipped in favor of police officers.
-Police Authority: BUPS officers are state police on Brown and adjacent property. Will not be the first response in cases of violent crimes because BUPS is unarmed

Meeting adjourned at 12:50

Respectfully submitted by Susan Harrison, Secretary