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Residential Council Minutes :: December 4, 2001

Present: Alissa Levine, Andrew Lom, Andrew Golodny, Sanders Kleinfeld, Evan Metcalfe, Leah Scherzer, James Katz, Josh Troy, Jesse Goodman, Ari Adland, Mike Blitstein, Tom Forsberg, Meredith Eddy

Secretarial Announcement: This was my last Res Council meeting. I unfortunately have to resign (sniff sniff) because of a course conflict next semester. Hope you all have a productive semester this spring. Good luck finding a new secretary :)

Card Access: Approved unanimously to recommend that New Pembrokes #3 and #4 be on the same card to allow residents access to both.

Lottery: All good, except waiting for files from Ross Lipsky '01. The Grapevine will keep the FAQ section and the pie charts that break down how the different classes are represented in the different dorms. There will be more info included about the reality of the wait list.

Junior Off-Campus policy: Some juniors will take a risk and sign a lease hoping to get off-campus permission eventually. Nobody is dying to help them get off-campus so the policy will not change, but juniors will be told as soon as possible in the spring that off-campus permission is available.

Voted on the Grapevine Cover

Low-Security Storage: Brown doesn't want to spend $50k a year for the service. Some form of an outside source will be used. A subsidy may be given to students on financial aid.

Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted for the last time by Susan Harrison, Secretary