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Residential Council Minutes :: February 3, 2004

Members present: Jesse Goodman; Victor Long; Adam Deitch; Jonathan Marcus; Pamela Dubyak; Joshua Troy; Chris Guhin; Ada McElroy
Alternates present: Allison Shaw

Members absent: Olanma Okoji; Laurel Rapp; Alexander Merkler; Andrew Feinstein; Brookes Brown
Alternates absent:

Lottery: Grapevine will be done by Tuesday. Info Session for Andrews units: information will be emailed.
Policy: Not quite sure.
Program House: Josh heard from a potential Martial Arts House: we will examine whether to consider them.

Rich Bova wants some ResCouncil people to be part of the group that looks into specifics on lounge changes (picking out fabrics, furniture, etc.). Email Jesse if interested.

Bova wants us to consider card access issues with respect to the new lounge renovations.
Habitat needs updating. Anyone interested in working on this should email Jesse.

The Alcohol Subcommittee of the Campus Life Advisory Board is being revivified. Email Jesse if you are interested in working on it.

Bova would like ResCouncil to look into policies relating to the use of lounges for Class F events.

V.P. David Greene will be coming to an upcoming ResCouncil meeting to update use on lounge renovations.

Gender neutral housing will be available on a for-the-asking basis, though mainly for first years starting next year.

1. Art House came to speak. They have been running some projects and made galleries. Their major difficulty is lack of meeting space, which is mostly in the hallway or bathroom, and there is some difficulty, perhaps to be discussed later, with Phi Psi and kitchen use. Their leadership by committee failed, thus new leadership structures are being utilized. They are currently trying to work with DARE to make a mural, and are trying to work in more community relations projects; they actually achieved a wreath making workshop for the elderly. They have decided that formal significant dues (above $5) may be difficult for membership. The Constitution and what precisely it says seems to be an item of confusion. As does internal involvement, though mandatory attendance at events and meetings seems to be encouraged, and they are trying to solve the spatial left-right divide. Ideally, they would like a much larger space with more facilities for art. They seem to be happy with Phi Psi and AChiO relations, and problems are relatively rare.

2. Students unhappy with housing assignments came to speak of their difficulties. Last May, Rafe, the first student, picked out a room, went to the housing officer, found out he couldn't keep the room as he was going abroad, and was told to email Mank on November 15. He sent this email from Australia on time, and, after a process of negotiation, found himself a single in Goddard in Interfaith, contrary to all negotiations, was told, after great difficulty, he was living into a double in Barbour, but found that a random person was there as his roommate. He has been told there is a single he was supposed to be able to move into, yet, while expecting to move in the next day each day for the past two weeks, has gotten no progress. Then, a girl named Ana was supposed to move into an empty room in the Grad Center so that Rafe could move into her room: Chad claimed this all this would go through, but then a random girl moved into the room. The extent of this as a policy issue was considered. Clarity of purpose for those going abroad could be considered, as well as openness in the process of room assignment. We will see Chad at a later basis, to discuss the method of housing assignments.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004