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Residential Council Minutes :: March 16, 2004

Members present: Jesse Goodman; Victor Long; Jonathan Marcus; Pamela Dubyak; Joshua Troy; Chris Guhin; Allison Shaw; Alexander Merkler; Brookes Brown; Ada McElroy; Olanma Okoji; Adam Deitch; Brendan Hargreaves

Members absent:

Lottery: Thanks to all those who helped at the lottery; laptop issues are being worked out; substance free questions will be given; Segment III should be about an hour long.
Policy: We need to discuss updating the Grapevine.
Program House: Interfaith was contacted and is cool.

The lottery is running smoothly: 67 pieces of real estate exist to be picked in Segment III.

Brendan Hargreaves is our newly appointed member.

Residential Life is sponsoring a trade show for bedroom furniture from 11-2 in Leung Gallery next week and has a new assistant director.

1. Sophomore only housing in Harkness and Diman were discussed (and, thus, whether the sophomore-only Harkness and Diman end lounges should be allowed to be allocated to program houses); the issue of whether denying sophomores lounge space was an item of debate. These rooms were generally thought to be almost useless for independents and primarily useful only for groups. Sophomore-only housing as a viable concept was discussed and defended by some. The notion of guaranteeing a certain number of singles and doubles in sophomore-only housing was discussed. The issue was tabled until later.

2. Squatting, as per Ross Lipsky, the creator of the modern lottery, has become an issue (due to angered posts on the jolt). Chris thinks squatting is bad and unfair given seniority. Pam thinks unless everything can be squatted more fairness issues arise. Olanma suggested allowing squatting only for rising seniors. Josh suggested that we could require everyone to live there next year (raising study abroad discrimination issues). The question of the existence of cycles versus other variables was divisive as well, especially given the "cycles of cycles" issue. Chris has fun with motions. The issue will be discussed later.

Submitted by Chris Guhin, Residential Council Secretary 2003-2004