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Residential Council Minutes :: September 21, 2004

Secretary pro tempore: Cassie Ramirez
Committee assignments given.
Members absent: Katie Lamm, Justin Glavis-Bloom

Program—Chris Guhin, Chair
  - Meeting Mondays @ 9pm
  - Harkness & Diman: program houses, move sophomore housing.
  - Reopening Wriston tunnels.
  - Revising Fall/Spring review, program housing requirements.

Lottery—Brendan Hargreaves, Chair
  - Meeting Thursdays, 6pm, Lower Blue Room
  - CS Lottery prog-online—in the works
  - New event for first pick in lottery.
  - Critical Review for Dorm Rooms in the works
  - MacMillan overcrowding issue
  - Floor plans online-security issue—held up.

Policy—Olanma Okoji, Chair
  - Meeting Monday @ noon
  - Research info on abandoned U-owned properties.
  - Universal card access.
  - Squatting: pros/cons
  - Lockout fee, soap dispensers & other facilities issues.
  - transgender housing
  - Co-ed housing, particularly in Grad Center.

Tal Itzkovitch made Full Member

Lockout Discussion:
  - September: 25 lockouts/day (Res Life), 8-10/night (DPS)
  - Decrease during the year to 2-10/day.
  - Fee deterrent? Are people being charged? Possible poll? Revenue on lockout/lock change fees? Where does it go?
  - Change all locks to kind that can only be locked w/ key?

  - Lunch w/ ResLife Staff
  - Committee Reports