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Residential Council Minutes :: October 19, 2004


Members present:, Ted Brown, Adam Deitch, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Christopher Guhin, Brendan Hargreaves, Holly Jackson, Tal Itzkovich, Katherine Lamm, Rachel Lauter, Olanma Okoji, David Pacheco, Elie Rosen, Michael Rozensher, Vijaya Thomas

Members absent: Mirza Arefin, Cassandra Ramirez (resigned)

Additionally, Associate Director of Residential Life Thomas Forsberg and Assistant Director Rosario Navarro were present.

Committee Reports:

Program House Chair Chris Guhin reported that he wrote up an official recommendation regarding end lounges and submitted it. Delta Tau has not yet gotten back to him. Fall review, which will include food and at least one member of each program house to ensure compliance with rules will take place Wednesday, November 3rd from 5-8 PM.

Lottery Chair Brendan Hargreaves had nothing to report.

Policy Committee Chair Olanma Okoji reported that she emailed people at Yale about card access and that she will meet with someone from the Brown Card Office regarding panels. Katie Lamm will contact other schools to find out their policies on gender neutral and coed housing. The possibility of changing the existing policy of requiring lockable bathroom doors to requiring only lockable showers and toilet stalls was discussed. Rachel has discussed plans to renovate Brown-owned properties with the administration, and will report back with more information soon.

1. ResCouncil began by resuming the discussion of coed/gender neutral housing, discussing the following:
a. many members believe that the current question on the first year survey, “We are able to meet a wide range of living needs in our housing system. Do you have any housing needs we should take into account before making your housing assignment?” is insufficient and too vague,
b. Rosario Navarro told ResCouncil that parents were the driving force behind concerns about first year living, and that there have not yet been any problems stemming from gender identification or sexuality,
c. next week students will come in to discuss gender neutral housing,
d. Rich Bova will be present in three weeks
2. UCS will be discussing the lottery in two weeks
3. Universal card access
a. in the past DPS has raised concerns about it,
b. when Brown was on the key-based system there were far more break-ins and thefts
c. possible clusters of mutual card access could be:
i. Young-Orchards
ii. Caswell & Hegeman
iii. All Freshman Dorms
iv. Hope & Littlefield
v. Perkins & Keeney

Submitted by Justin Glavis-Bloom, Residential Council Secretary 2004-2005