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Residential Council Minutes :: April 12, 2005


Members present: Adam Deitch, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Katie Lamm, Ted Brown, Brendan Hargreaves, Holly Jackson, Rachel Lauter, Olanma Okoji, Elie Rosen, Vijaya Thomas, David Pacheco, Chris Guhin, Refai Arefin, Michael Rozensher

Members absent:

Additionally, Assistant Director of Residential Life Rosario Navarro was present.

Committee Reports:

Policy Committee Chair Olanma Okoji had nothing to report.

Program House Chair Chris Guhin reported that he continues to wait for ResLife before updating the Program House Guidelines. ResLife is currently busy with the lottery. Chris recommended not getting involved with the issue of program houses in the middle of Wriston buildings, because it's still not clear what the issues surrounding the ADA are. Instead, perhaps he will lead a meeting to produce a document recommending changes to the Guidelines. During next week's meeting, Program Houses that did not meet their membership numbers requirement will be asked to come in.

Lottery Committee Chair Brendan Hargreaves reported that last week's lottery went well. Dorm tours on Sunday went well and card access seemed to work! Segment IV of the lottery will be this Wednesday, in Sayles, and may run until 10:30 or 11 PM. There will be two segments, 6-8:30 and 8:30-end.

ResCouncil works best when people re-apply. If you have any questions, contact Adam. Information about UCS appointments will be available in the next week.

Submitted by Justin Glavis-Bloom, Residential Council Secretary 2004-2005