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Residential Council Minutes :: May 3, 2005


Members present: Adam Deitch, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Katie Lamm, Ted Brown, Brendan Hargreaves, Holly Jackson, Rachel Lauter, Olanma Okoji, Vijaya Thomas, David Pacheco, Chris Guhin, Refai Arefin, Michael Rozensher

Members absent: Elie Rosen

Additionally, Associate Director of Residential Life Thomas Forsberg was present.

Committee Reports:

Lottery Committee Chair Brendan Hargreaves reported that he met with Rich Bova to finalize the survey questions that will be sent out.

Policy Committee Chair Olanma Okoji had nothing to report.

Program House Chair Chris Guhin presented the Program House Guidelines to ResLife. He brought up that our bylaws need to be changed to reflect the revised Program House Guidelines, specifically to change program house review to first semester and to allow regular-meeting discussions of Program Houses to be closed to non-members. The bylaws were suspended to allow the amendment to take effect at this meeting.

Michael Rozensher brought up that higher lockout fees don't actually disincentivize people from not bringing their keys. Rozensher was told that the new lockout fee scale has decreased lockouts dramatically, but that this decrease might be as a result of people increasingly leaving their doors unlocked. The issue needs to be considered in terms of how any changes to the lockout fee scale would affect revenue in ResLife, where the money from lockouts goes towards, and the degree to which lockouts disincentivize people from not bringing their keys.

Justin Glavis-Bloom moved that over the summer ResLife tag bikes with a red piece of paper asking bike owners to remove the tag if they are using their bike.

Olanma brought up that, on the issue of card access, some research was conducted on it this year. It will be up to next year's ResCouncil to discuss it. There are numerous models for card access, including some sort of a list of friends who could be admitted to your dorm, universal freshman card access, regional card access for all undergraduates (creating "communities"), or regional card access for freshman only (creating "freshman communities").

Brendan brought up that he wants soap in all Residential Life-cleaned bathrooms. A motion was so made that ResLife look into and consider providing soap. The motion passed unanimously.

ResCouncil should look into squatting, how our change went, and whether it should be continued in the future.

We also need to discuss quiet dorm and substance free housing.

Additionally, a lot of Juniors seemed upset with the fact that the lottery gave rising-Sophomores much better housing than rising-Juniors, especially on Wriston. Perhaps no singles should be made sophomore-only.


Submitted by Justin Glavis-Bloom, Residential Council Secretary 2004-2005