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Residential Council Minutes :: December 6, 2005

Present: Dean Forsberg, Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas, Kyle Evans, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Tal Itzkovich, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Jennifer Kuo, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Michael Morgenstern, Damian Maldonado, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Brendan Hargreaves

  1. Meeting begins at 12:13 PM
  2. Motion made and seconded to wish Ben a happy birthday. Chair did not recognize.
  3. Policy
    1. Universal keycard access meeting, will pursue a regional access program for next semester
    2. Proposed regions: New Pemb 3+4, NP1 and Plantations House, Hope+Littlefield+Wayland+(Perkins?), Caswell+Hegeman, Grad Center+Vartan Gregorian+Barbour, Young Orchards
    3. NP3 and NP4 are connected as of this morning!
    4. Notices on doors, two-week grace period for responses and feedback before policy goes into effect.
    5. This is a pilot program whose results will be examined for more policies in the future.
  4. Program House
    1. Fall Review scores tabulated
    2. Fall review results are available on res-council website.
    3. Concern over houses pulling in people who aren't a part of the house
      1. We have no way of determining the difference, but we will work more on it next semester by getting Greek Council member list, etc.
    4. Results unanimously approved
  5. Lottery
    1. Super-deadline day, February 28 - unanimously voted
    2. Greek Council needs five weekends from the beginning of rush.
    3. First pick competition
      1. Brown First is doing a promotional video, which may compete too much with ours.
      2. Worry that the competition is weighted towards people with video experience.
      3. Discussion
        1. Pro: allows people who dont know video
        2. We can alternatie years
        3. Can accept 6 video and 6 alternate formatis - may get fewer videos
        4. If we put in videos it will be favored towards them.
        5. It's good to make people excited about the lottery.
        6. Pro: we will get other creative media
    4. Lottery for next year (!!!!)
      1. Reslife way open to lottery
      2. Don't want it to be spread out over four weeks.
      3. Combine all segments into one segment, spread over a few days.
      4. Will still be less Sophomore housing - not Barbour - keep Grad Center
      5. Undesirables not picked after this lottery. Add a second segment
        1. People can partially fill rooms, decide on location rather than people
        2. Allow people below that number that can fill the suite
        3. Not picking a partial room won't count as bad on the waitlist.
      6. Brendan and Justin will meet with Rosario about it.
  6. Meeting Adjourned at 12:50

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006