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Residential Council Minutes :: March 7, 2006

Present: Dean Forsberg, Adam Axler, Benjamin Boas, Kyle Evans, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Brendan Hargreaves, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Jennifer Kuo, Allison Kwong, Katherine Lamm, Michael Morgenstern, Damian Maldonado, David Pacheco, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Tal Itzkovich

  1. Meeting begins at 12:05 PM
  2. Minutes amended
  3. Lottery committee
    1. Dorm tour was very full and successful
    2. First pick competition is over, the finalists will pick their rooms.
  4. Policy committee
    1. Discussing updating agenda for after lottery
    2. May discuss lockout fee schedule
    3. Soap in Grad Center, maintenence in dorms (Minden and Grad Center)
    4. Will follow up on recs from last semester, i.e. CA's
    5. Can we make doors lockable in Hegeman?
      1. making more suites coed
      2. No.
    6. Possible persuit of coed suites without lockable doors, will discuss more after lottery
  5. Lottery stuff
    1. Cooking house will be North Wayland, second floor
    2. singles in South Wayland still in lottery
    3. Grad Center tower D is sophomore-only
    4. We will schedule shifts
  6. There is no legintamate way to guess how numbers will fall, but we are giving it thought.
  7. Pure speculation:
    1. Suites of four getting run off really quickly, especially high numbers looking for singles
    2. Minden may go quicker
    3. Mostly, things won't change very quickly.
    4. NP1 will go quicker with groups of friends.
  8. Placement
    1. All-male in W. Andrews basement, All-female in E. Andrews basement
    2. Quiet Dorm will be in New Dorm B fourth floor
      1. not perfect - very nice housing, very desirbale, sophs/juniors usually took doubles, singles usually went to seniors, also very loud
  9. Program House negotiations will be done on friday.
  10. Plantations house will be in housing lottery
  11. Meeting adjourned at 12:43 PM

Submitted by Michael Morgenstern, Residential Council Secretary 2005-2006