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Residential Council Minutes :: September 26, 2006

Present: Adam Axler, Alexander Dean, Peter Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Srividya Kalyanaraman, Allison Kwong, Damian Maldonado, Michael Morgenstern, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Christine Sunu

Absent: Aaron Becker, Theodora Hinkle, Katie Lamm

Guest: Thomas Forsberg

  1. Community Service Events Update
    1. a. One event should be program-house only event
    2. b. Passing out of amended guidelines
    3. c. Adam – shouldn’t program houses be allowed to work together?
    4. d. Alex – individual events force them to plan events and really think about events
    5. e. Laura – what does “quality of events” mean? A: Small mtg. vs. Class F party?
    6. f. Adam – fostering relations with the community is key.
    7. g. “effort expended and outcome realized”
    8. h. motion to append guidelines: 8 pass. 1 opposed. Motion passes
  2. Alcohol Review – Issue of Charging Per Drink
    1. a. Does it hurt program houses or help?
    2. b. WebCT6 survey creation possible – poll undergraduates?
      1. i. Would increasing princes encourage them to pregame
      2. ii. Other survey options that are more confidential?
      3. iii. $1 a drink seems really arbitrary – implementation of some rather than others.
      4. iv. Ricky Gresh come and talk to us? Who can come talk to us?
      5. v. Come up with a broad survey of questions
      6. vi. Correlation of class year vs. policy agreements
  3. Bike policy
    1. a. Considerations for permanent bike policy
    2. b. Should summer bike storage be allowed?
    3. c. If not allowed, what happens to bikes left over summer?
    4. d. Who do bikes belong to?
    5. e. Control of the storage --> all bikes registered through DPS? Dorm-specific registration?
    6. f. Who should identify how old the bikes are?
    7. g. Informing people --> graduated? Abroad? Time off?
    8. h. How soon do we want to attempt to get rid of bikes that don’t have owners?
      1. i. Do we phase it out – oldest bikes first?
      2. ii. People still use old bikes; new bikes that are unused.
    9. i. Who’s responsible for this?
    10. j. “What about selling bikes to people who’re going to put them right back in the bike room?” – Micheal
    11. k. Register bikes as they’re being sold?
    12. l. Motion for bikes to be mandatorily registered for storage in the bike room?
  4. Basement rooms
    1. a. Interfaith and Art House need rooms since they got updated to Class B
    2. b. To implement policy that gives them access to rooms and that will be assigned to ResLife: 8 pass. 1 opposed.

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007