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Residential Council Minutes :: February 27, 2007

Present: Alex Dean, Peter Donnelly, Thea Hinkle, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Allison Kwong, Katie Lamm, Damian Maldonado, James Reed, Chriss Sunu, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Adam Axler, Mark Fuller (absence excused), Sri Kalyanaraman (absence excused), Evan Stone

Guests: Tom Forsberg

  1. I. Programming in dorms
    1. a. We should do whatever we can to build a community — primary focus on community-building.
    2. b. Restrictions on programming now are not helping students and not motivating students to attend.
    3. c. Will ResLife be able to change the system?
      1. i. Categories were originally changed this year with student support.
    4. d. change to “…focus primarily on social activities to build community in dorms…”
    5. e. Purely social events would be okay, increasing community in dorms — academic component would be unnecessary.
    6. f. Ample other opportunities — add Laura’s suggestions and this sentence: “De-emphasizing these types of programming will allow for more social activities that will facilitate community in the dorms that is not provided for by other means.”
  2. II. Job description for RPLR (formerly RCC), CAs
    1. a. CA job description: “develop a location for recreational space?”
    2. b. Facilities checklist is now routine, should CAs have to do more with facilities?
    3. c. Concrete standards for CAs: phone numbers, introductions, required meetings?
    4. d. Community-building is not measurable.

End of Meeting

Submitted by Allison Kwong