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Residential Council - 10/9/07

Present:Alex Dean, Pete Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Allison Kwong, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Kyle Evans, Adam Axler, Albert Carter, Michael Morgenstern, Scott Middleton

Absent: Damian Maldonado, Mannan Jalan (expunged)

1. Lottery Committee Update

a. Discussion of moving study abroad deadline one week earlier and/or moving the lottery one to two weeks later in order to make the waiting list more equitable in terms of study abroad students receiving housing they are likely not to require.

i. Study abroad deadline in question refers to the deadline for all Brown programs, which account for around half of study abroad students. Moving said deadline could alleviate hassle of providing unnecessary housing.

2. Program House Committee Update

a. Schedule for dates of fall review available.

i. October 16 @ 7 pm - Info session for program house leaders in South Wayland Lounge

ii. October 23 @ 4 pm - Deadline for submission of folders and materials to Residential Life

iii. October 30 - Residential Council to review submissions and make recommendations for futher action

iv. November 6 @ 5 pm - All program houses having to appear in front of the Council will do so

v. November 13 (tentative) - Approval and publishing of fall review results.

3. Policy Committee Update

a. Laura to make contacts to facilitate the use of MyCourses for the committee's RPL survey

b. Al to meet with ResLife and discuss issues of faulty/cracked windows in Wriston lounges.

4. Council Recruitment Discussion

a. Should the Council meet work to recruit more members that have been through the housing lottery to increase our residential diversity?

b. How can the Council work with UCS to publicize the need for new members?

c. Should program house status be considered in the application process?

d. Need for more alternates to preserve insitutional memory in the senior-heavy Council

e. Adam Axler appointed to oversee recruitment of new members and communication with UCS appointment chair

5. Motion to expunge Laura's expected absense at the 10/16 meeting passes unanimously.