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Residential Council Minutes :: November 6, 2007

Present: Alexander Dean, Mark Fuller, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Mannan Jalan, Scott Middleton, Al Carter, Peter Donnelly, Allison Kwong

Absent: Adam Axler (excused), Kyle Evans (excused), Damian Maldonado, Mike Morgenstern

  1. I. Attendance
    1. a. Adam Axler petitions to reinstate membership on the council following the retroactive excusal of his September 11 absence - Petition passes
    2. b. Policy Committee attendance - Three unexcused absences from committee meetings will result in removal. The excusal process will, however, be more informal than the process for general ResCoucil meetings, with the chair holding all power to excuse
    3. c. The remaining committees are expected to draft their own attendance policies
  2. II. Motion not to meet Tuesday November 21 in light of the Thanksgiving holiday - Motion passes
  3. III. UCS appointment request extended from four to five
  4. IV. Formal recommendations for houses failing Program House Review
    1. a. Kyle and Alex, with the help of ResLife, to draft a set of punishments and responses for review failure
    2. b. Council Discussion
      1. Should four failing semesters out of five lead to house dissolution? Too severe?
      2. Major reasons for failure: lacking membership, lacking campus/community events, no participation in Greek/Program House Council, poor University relations
      3. Specific responses to individual problems with review may be more appopriate than general severe punishment
        1. Example: more campus events to compensate for dwindling membership
      4. Possible punishments include (in increasing severity): loss of social room priveleges, downgrade to Class A house, dissolution of house
      5. Severity of punishments could increase with number of failed semesters
      6. End of discussion

End of Meeting