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Residential Council Minutes :: September 9, 2008

Present: James Reed (Chair), Greg Anderson (Policy Chair), Mark Fuller (Program House Chair), Ben Lowell (Lottery Chair), Jillian Robbins (Secretary), Sophie Asher, Jerry Cedrone, EJ Chung, Paige Hicks, Mannan Jalan, Chaz Kelsh, Adam Lewin, Mike Sokolovsky, Jane Zhang

Tardy: Christine Sunu

Absent: Al Carter (excused)

Guests: Dean Tom Forsberg, Dean Richard Bova

1. Introduction by James

2. Individual Introductions by council members

3. Introduction by Dean Bova about the ResLife Staff and their opinions concerning ResCouncil’s role in the Brown community

What is residential council? What is our role?

  1. Advisory board; advise Dean Bova on all things topical among students to implement in the university housing system
  2. We do NOT talk about tiny issues, but rather, large broad issues that will change the landscape of Brown’s housing – gender neutral, other housing policies, off campus housing protocols, new designs for rooms, changes in the RPL program (added 10 new positions to CA program, primarily for sophomores to ease their transition)
  3. Students are always welcome to discuss with Dean Bova – we represent the students
  4. Privacy! We need to have respect and privacy within our meeings. We need an atmosphere of free speech and privacy

ResLife Staff:

  1. Director Forsberg is here to provide historical context and the programs that will impact what we are trying to do
  2. Natalie Basil
  3. Richard Hilton – day to day maintenance and upkeep

4. we will do program house review this fall

5. Discussion of the bylaws; specifically attendance and meeting times

  1. bylaws can be found on the website – www.brown.edu/rescouncil
  2. we meet Tuesdays at noon
  3. 20 minutes into the meeting is considered a ‘missed meeting’ – let James or Jillian know if you are going to be late – they will notify the council
  4. can miss up to 2 unexcused meetings a semester without consequence – when you miss a third meeting, you are dismissed from the council
  5. all council members should be well versed in the bylaws

6.  In addition to the Tuesday meeting, each ResCouncil member will have committee meetings – will happen at least once a month, maybe more often – no hard and fast rule about how frequently committee meetings meet

7. Lottery Chair – Scott Middleton is unable to serve on the council this year due to a class conflict, therefore, we need to nominate a new chair

  1. new lottery chair: Ben Lowell

8. Dean Forsberg explained the renovations that occurred in Brown dorms during the 2008 summer
- 5 fixed roofs – New Pembrooke, Perkins, Metcalf, Miller, and Caswell
- Hegeman: fixed ventilation in the bathrooms
- Barbour Hall and Barbour Hall Apartments: all new bathrooms
- painted and new floors: Caswell and Hegeman
- painted, new floors, new lights: Grad Center A
- putting in a new boiler for hot water in Minden
- opened a 27 unit visiting scholar house next to Minden – gutted the building and started over
-VG B – redid showers in all of the bathrooms

9. Now, turn meeting over to committee chairs, for them to meet people on the committees, and to discuss their plans for the semester

Lottery Committee:
Ben (Chair), Chaz, Sophie, Jerry, EJ

Policy Committee:
Greg (Chair), Jillian, Al, Paige, Jane

Program House Committee:
Mark (Chair), Chriss, Mannan, Mike, Adam

End of Meeting

Submitted by Jillian Robbins, Residential Council Secretary 2008-2009