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Residential Council Minutes : September 21, 2010

Present: Andrew Tran, Jerry Cedrone, Kristina von Gerichten, Cody Shulman, Sophie Asher, Brandon Broome, Evan Holownia, Chaz Kelsh, Emily Gould, Courtney Mannino, Travis Spangler

Absent: Nara Shin, Sara Sunshine, Sam Barney (on leave)

Office of Student Life Conference Room
Meeting commenced at 12:05

1. Discussing changes in residential facilities
- brainstorming possibilities

  • Ideas from previous years: reorganizing where sophomores and freshmen are placed; demolishing walls in Grad Center suites to create common spaces
  • Locations - Idea to renovate Metcalf/Miller so it is freshman doubles, and renovating Perkins to make it upperclassmen suites.
  • Renovating is more economically feasible than building a new residence hall
  • Townhouses – auxiliary housing for summer assigned people, or put them in the lottery for this year. May be better to have people choose them voluntarily than to force people into them who may not want that environment as sophomores.
  • Apartment building near Pembroke – could be turned into dorm
  • Study from last year said students want Young-O type housing, but nicer, geared towards upperclassmen so that underclassmen can have the housing that currently is chosen first in the lottery
  • Moving Res Life to property right next to J Walter Wilson, to free up Wayland first floor for residents
  • Need to really look at student input before going ahead on any plan to build. Should look at which responses on the surveys corresponded to specific residence halls, and what their semester levels were.

2. Evaluating Faunce renovations

  • Issue of cleanliness
  • Understaffed in Blue Room; not enough seating

Next Meeting: Tuesday, Sept. 14 at noon in OSL Conference Room

Meeting adjourned - 12:30 PM

Submitted by Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, '10-'11