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Residential Council Minutes: October 5th, 2010

Present: Andrew Tran, Jerry Cedrone, Kristina von Gerichten, Cody Shulman, Sophie Asher, Evan Holownia, Courtney Mannino, Travis Spangler, Nara Shin, Sara Sunshine

Absent: Sam Barney (on leave), Chaz Kelsh, Brandon Broome, Emily Gould

Office of Student Life Conference Room
Meeting commenced at 12:05

• Presentation from David Rattner
• UCS Housing Consensus
• “Band-aid” issue – common space into dorms etc. What is the next way to legitimately add beds – LOTS, specifically for upperclassman (apartment style housing)
• Improve existing environment – more common space, study space etc.
• UCS wants a new dorm: “state-of-the-art”
• Ultimate numeric goal – 90% of students on campus, upwards of 100 new beds to overhaul system
• Andrew (chair): Auxiliary housing is 100-110 beds (including…add into lottery?
• Nara: Improve existing housing to lessen bad experiences that make people go off campus
• David: The renovation plans remove beds (Graduate Center)
• Gerry: Accessible Online site for strategic dorm planning (Cody: similar to the “Building Brown” site); Thomas Forsberg: Hard to make propositions and be public if it impacts SOMEONE at the university
• Other
• Thomas Forsberg: What sort of low-scale renovation – newly painted walls, furniture, and flooring (like NP and VGQ-B over this past summer)
• Gerry: Lottery meeting on Thursday…changes??? How do other institutions work?
• Kristina: Program House Council meets tomorrow night!!

Next Meeting: Tuesday October 12th to discuss lottery changes, program house council, bylaw amendments
Meeting adjourned at 12:48

Submitted by Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, '10-'11
Submitted by Cody Shulman for Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, '10-'11