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Residential Council Minutes: October 19, 2010

Present: Jerry Cedrone, Kristina von Gerichten, Cody Shulman, Sophie Asher, Brandon Broome, Evan Holownia, Chaz Kelsh, Emily Gould, Courtney Mannino, Nara Shin, Travis Spangler

Absent: Sam Barney (on leave), Andrew Tran, Sara Sunshine

Office of Student Life Conference Room
Meeting Began at 12:05 pm

I. Program House Council – discussed what they are trying to get from the council; decided to make it more of a support system than a governing body

II. Lottery – thinking about goals for the lottery, philosophy. Changes to sophomore only zoning? Should guarantee singles to sophomores, preventing juniors from getting singles?
--Need a “safe haven” choice space for sophomores. Current: Dimon, Harkness, Caswell, New Pembroke 1, Grad Center D.
--Could make Greek areas of independents sophomores
--Lack of card access on Wriston prevents community between independents. Might be good to give card access. If we could do inter-Wriston access, could keep Caswell and move sophomore-only to independents. Should take a look at the numbers.
--First-pick ideas: could have people do survey on thoughts about changing the lottery system, then that enters them into a lottery.
--Do we care about picking exact room, or would a system work where you just give the type of room and building you want? Think need to keep picking your exact room.
--Could do it online as long as server does not crash. Could set up a station for people to use a master computer if they worry about crashing. Split on question of on-line versus in-person.
--Should other factors beside semester level affect priority? Seems good as is. Could give people better numbers in subsequent year if they got a really terrible one, but that seems too weighted.
--Want to not give numbers before groups are formed; don’t make friends based on your number.
--Now, groups of different sizes are not treated equally, because of the averaging system; should we give each group a number regardless of size?
--Should drop-down system be kept as is? (Can drop down into a larger group with a lower number and choose together – might have to change if we move to an electronic system)

III. Policy
--Voted to change Article V: Duties of the Officers, expanding the role of secretary to include attending executive board meetings
--How should members be appointed? Should we restrict the number of members? Should we publicize membership?
--Might be conflict of interest for campus life chair to appoint members if he/she sits on ResCouncil. May want to change number of members and/or publicize membership process more.

--Motion to make Hegemann Hall gender-neutral.

Next Meeting: Tuesday October 12th to discuss lottery changes, program house council, bylaw amendments
Meeting adjourned at 12:55

Submitted by Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, '10-'11
Submitted by Cody Shulman for Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, '10-'11