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Program house:

  • new program housing policies
  • open space for the inter-faith house

            -sophomore housing- making it more cohesive
            - gender neutral housing possibilities

  • create a more community feel within the different classes

Last year:

  • a lot of people were ill informed about the lottery an therefore we want new advertisement
  • new marketing

Plans for this year

  • changing the lottery
  • ask people (students) to submit new ideas that make the lottery process better, and to get the word out more effectively
  • 315 Thayer is planned to be open in spring of 2013?
  • Thinking about changing Perkins all upperclassmen housing

Substance free floors

  • Emery/Wool 3rd floor
  • 2nd floor Perkins
  • NP3

Programming an d Greek House Review

  • New ways to make sure houses are keeping up with requirements.
  • New project- assigning one person to each program house
  • Greek council works a lot better than program housing
    • Art House is struggling- have not submitted proper forms
    • Other houses seem to know their leadership and have things going well

New Lottery system

  • New propositions of making it more electronic, and more like Banner.

Summary: We want more student involvement with the lottery. We need more advertisement and have the intentions and voice of the council be known and heard.

  • Have a google doc survey
  • Instead of having sub committees, make committees catered towards certain tasks.
  • Committee for program house review, publicity, website improvement.
  • Communications and visibility
  • Application process imorovement
  • Lottery changes

Emily, Travis, Andrew, Steven, Susan, Sam, Kaylyn, Michael, Gillian. Michael Snider.