President Christina Paxson, Chair
Provost Vicki Leigh Colvin


Cesario Bianchi, Associate Professor of Surgery (Research)
Richard Bungiro
, Lecturer in Biology
Linford Fisher, Assistant Professor of History
Catherine Kerrr, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine (Research)
Thomas Lewis, Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Steven Lubar, Professor of American Studies
Brad Marston, Professor of Physics
Vesna Mitrovic, Associate Professor of Physics
Don Operario, Associate Dean of Master's Education
Elizabeth Taylor, Senior Lecturer in English

Cabinet Members

Russell Carey, Senior Vice President for Corporation Affairs & Governance
Margaret Klawunn, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services
Marisa Quinn, Vice President for Public Affairs and University Relations
Kim Roskiewicz, Assistant to the President

Corporation Member

Paula McNamara '84

Undergraduate Students

Todd Harris 14.5 , UCS President
Alexander Krotow '15
Kiera Peltz '16
Alexander Sherry '15
Jonathan Vu '15 

Graduate Students

Heather Bennett GS', Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry
Stephen Zins GS', Bio-Med -- Pathobiology, GSC President
Sveta Milusheva GS', Economics

Medical Students

Daniel Ebner MD'17, MSS President
Jane Zhang MD'14


Dawn Goodman, Center for Population Health & Clinical Epidemiology
Julianne Hanavan, Office of the Vice President for Research
Beverly Larson, Graduate School
Frances Mantak, Health Services
Brendan McNally, Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations
Jill Rossi
, Alumni Relations


Dan DiPrete '85, MD'89
Emily Maranjian '86
Anita Louise Schell-Lambert '79
Abbot Stranahan '87