Letters, Speeches, and Reports


2014 2013 Annual Report (PDF)
May 20, 2014 Second Report: Committee on Events of Oct 29, 2013 (PDF)
April 23, 2014 Final Report: Environmental Change Task Force (PDF)
February 19, 2014 Report on Events of Oct-29-2013



9/3/2013 Prepared remarks at 2013 Convocation
3/18/2013 Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the National Humanities Alliance


10/27/2012 Inauguration address
9/5/2012 Opening Convocation 2012
9/2/2012 Class of 2016 Welcome

Letters and Announcements


August 2014 Letter to alumni and current parents
July/August 2014 July/August BAM letter
May/June 2014 May/June BAM letter
5/25/2014 News from the Corporation Meeting
5/22/2014 Task Force Reports
5/20/2014 Vicki Leigh Colvin Named Provost
5/9/2014 Response to the Student Task Force on sexual assault
5/2/2014 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
5/2/2014 Charge: Task Force on Sexual Assault
4/27/2014 Remembering Prof. Gerald Guralnik
4/26/2014 Statement on Sexual Assault at Brown
March/April 2014 March/April BAM letter
2/19/2014 Report on Events of Oct-29-2013
2/8/2014 February meeting of the Corporation
1/24/2014 Provost Schlissel Named University of Michigan President
1/13/14 Condolences to the family of Dana Dourdeville
January/February 2014 January/February BAM letter


11/15/2013 Committee Membership Announcement
11/6/2013 Letter to the Campus Community
November/December 2013 November/December 2013 BAM letter
10/29/2013 Letter to the Brown Community
10/27/2013 Letter to Brown Alumni and Friends
10/27/2013 October meeting of the Corporation
10/27/2013 Coal Divestment Update
9/11/2013 Message about Campus Safety
7/11/2013 Letter to the Brown Community
6/27/2013 Announcement of Dr. Jack Elias as dean of medicine and biological sciences at Brown
6/27/2013 Redevelopment project in Providence’s Jewelry District
5/25/2013 May meeting of the Corporation
4/25/2013 Condolences to the family of Sunil Tripathi
4/11/2013 Engineering gift announcement
3/22/2013 On the passing of Chinua Achebe, the David and Marianna Fisher University professor and professor of African studies
3/5/2013 Response to the Report of the Advisory Committee on Childcare
2/14/2013 News from the Corporation


12/17/2012 December Message from President Paxson
11/30/2012 Announcement regarding Richard M. Locke as the Howard R. Swearer Director of the Thomas J. Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown
11/5/2012 Announcement regarding Dr. Edward Wing's decision to step down as dean of medicine and biological sciences at the end of the current academic year.
10/27/2012 News from the Corporation Meeting
9/7/2012 Message to the Brown Community
7/4/2012 Letter to the Brown Community regarding Higgs boson particle discovery
7/2/2012 Letter to the Community