The Division of Applied Mathematics

The mission of the Division of Applied Mathematics rests on research, education, and scholarship. We focus our research and teaching on a wide range of areas from applied and algorithmic problems to the study of fundamental mathematical questions. In particular, we explore the connections between mathematics and its applications in biology, chemistry, engineering, geosciences, neuroscience, physics and other disciplines at the research and educational levels. Our educational efforts are realized primarily through our graduate PhD program and our four undergraduate concentrations. 

How do zebrafish get their stripes?

Alexandria Volkening, a doctoral student in the Division of Applied Mathematics, has developed a mathematical model which reveals the underlying biological system by which zebrafish grow their stripes.  (Read full story.)

Applied Mathematics Graduate Students receive the 2015 Archambault Teaching Award

Veronica Ciocanel and Eirini Killikian are the recipients of the 2015 Archambault Teaching Award, merited through their creative efforts in teaching a Brown Summer Session course entitled, “Applied Mathematics II (APMA 0340)."  Innovating a novel approach with an emphasis on real world models and applications, Eirini and Veronia designed a dynamic curriculum geared toward a student-centered pedagogy.  Read the full story.  

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