Chemistry at Brown

About the Chemistry Department

Chemistry is arguably the most central of the natural sciences. It frames much of our understanding of the natural world and continues to deliver technologies that touch nearly every aspect of human life. The Department of Chemistry at Brown University is home to research groups that are pursuing new insights into structure, reactivity, and functions of molecules and materials that promise to redefine the frontiers of scientific knowledge. Often, this fundamental research in chemistry yields knowledge that is the basis for the design of new technologies and methods of practical value. Recent examples include better diagnostic tools for cancer detection, characterization of protein structures and a better understanding of systems for hydrogen storage. Faculty and members of their research groups are working in a broad range of contemporary areas of chemistry including analytical chemistry, chemical biology, inorganic, nanochemistry, organic and theoretical and experimental physical chemistry. The state of the art facilities housed in the Department of Chemistry at Brown enable penetrating inquiry in both experimental and theoretical chemistry.

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