Dean of the College

Maud Mandel
Dean of the College
(401) 863-3915

Deans and Directors

Oludurotimi Adetunji
Associate Dean of the College for Undergraduate Research
(401) 863-2411
Mary Grace Almandrez
Interim Assistant Vice President of Campus Life and Student Services/Associate Dean of the College
(401) 863-2120
Maitrayee Bhattacharyya
Associate Dean of the College for Diversity Programs
(401) 863-3488
Kendall Brostuen
Director of International Programs/Associate Dean of the College
(401) 863-2489
Margaret Chang
Assistant Dean for Engaged Learning & Director, Curricular Resource Center
(401) 863-2324
Gail Cohee
Director, Sarah Doyle Women's Center / Assistant Dean of the College
(401) 863-3402
Carol Cohen
Senior Associate Dean of the College for Health and Personal Issues / First-Year and Sophomore Studies
(401) 863-2676
Shontay Delalue
Director of International Student and Visitor Experience / Assistant Dean of the College
(401) 863-5866
Matthew Donato
Director of Center for Careers and Life After Brown
(401) 863-3327
Linda Dunleavy
Associate Dean of the College for Fellowships
(401) 863-2538
Christopher Keith
Associate Director, Integration and Identity Services
(401) 863-1153
Besenia Rodriguez
Associate Dean of the College for Curriculum
(401) 863-3488
Yolanda Rome
Assistant Dean for First-year and Sophomore Studies
(401) 863-6911
David Targan
Associate Dean of the College for Science/Director of the Science Center
(401) 863-2314
Rachel Toncelli
Director of English Language Learning
(401) 863-5148
Katherine Trimble
Interim Director of the Swearer Center for Public Service
(401) 863-2311
George Vassilev
Director of Pre-Professional Advising/Assistant Dean of the College
(401) 863-2781

Support Staff

Ivone Aubin
Program Coordinator, Orientation and Committee on Academic Standing
(401) 863-2676
Cassie Bower
Program Coordinator-First Year & Sophomore Studies
(401) 863-2315
Cynthia Dumin
Executive Assistant to the Deputy Dean of the College
(401) 863-6244
Jason Orrill
Senior Applications Developer/Analyst
(401) 863-6854
Janet Peters
Manager, Writing Support and Academic Tutoring Programs
(401) 863-1404
Janice Rego
Program Coordinator, Upperclass Studies and Undergraduate Research
(401) 863-2411
Barbara Sardy
Special Assistant to the Dean of the College
(401) 863-2573
Wendy Sheridan
Program Coordinator, Mellon Mays and Diversity Programs
(401) 863-3488
Linda Sutherland
Program Coordinator, Fellowships
(401) 863-2538
Kathy Toro
Program Coordinator, Pre-Professional Advising
(401) 863-2781
Sumner Warren
Senior Applications Developer/Analyst
(401) 863-2286