Pinpoint Your Program

Distinctively Brown

Brown offers a number of study abroad programs, exclusively or in collaboration with other highly selective U.S. universities. 

  • Programs are focused on directed integration into the country and the host institution's academic setting.
  • Academic standards and curricula are consistent with Brown's.
  • Administrative and academic support is provided on site, and often includes center of study, a Brown resident director and an on-site Brown faculty director. 

Brown also offers faculty-led summer programs that we encourage you to explore. 

Non-Brown Programs

Approved Alternative Programs
Brown students may transfer academic credit from approved programs run by other institutions. These programs have been reviewed by Brown faculty and OIP staff for academic rigor and program quality and have been pre-approved  for credit transfer. OIP staff monitor these programs through site visits, advisory boards, and engagement with colleagues at other institutions to ensure that high standards are maintained. 

Students apply directly to these programs, adhering to the sponsoring institution's deadlines.  They also complete an abbreviated Brown OIP electronic application.

Students may present an individual case for study at a location that is neither a Brown-sponsored program nor an approved program.  The petition process allows students to attend programs that offer specialized curricula, such as uncommon languages or independently-designed coursework. Petitions must present a strong academic rationale for the proposed course of study.  Non-academic program rationales will not be considered.