Development Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration whose main mission is to provide students with the knowledge, critical perspectives and skills they need to engage with the issues and problems of social and economic development, especially as they relate to the Global South. The concentration draws from a range of disciplines, but is particularly grounded in the social sciences: anthropology, sociology, political science, history and economics. Concentrators combine courses that offer local and historical knowledge of specific areas of the developing world, with those that explore transnational dimensions of development. During the senior year concentrators complete a capstone experience tailored to their interests in some aspect of international development. Towards this end, they benefit from extensive faculty and peer support.

The rigor and creativity of this academic experience is evidenced by the fact that many concentrators have published parts of their senior capstone in peer-reviewed academic and policy journals, while others have received competitive thesis awards or used their training to develop concrete initiatives in the practice of development.

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